I really hate talking about myself.

So forgive me as I stumble through this.

I’m Joanne. I exist in the intersection between telling stories about people and telling stories for brands. I also offer a two-for-one special.

I’m very into words and pop culture, and I particularly enjoy sharing my mind with early- to mid-stage startups who aspire to build something larger than themselves.

Also: Aries. ENFJ. Enneagram 3. Year of the tiger. ‘98 baby. (You were gonna ask anyway.)

Some anecdotes that should tell you something about me:

One time I walked briskly in SoHo, New York for five whole minutes thinking the papparazi in front of me had just decided to photograph a stranger for fun! Before realizing I was blocking their view of Heidi Klum and her sons, walking right behind me.

If you stop next to me at a red light, I am likely blasting tunes from my “sunshine highway” playlist at an ungodly decibel with my windows fully down. At some point, I’ll almost certainly make unfaltering eye contact while I belt a chorus.

I’m based in New York, and am booking freelance writing + brand strategy gigs through the end of 2022, remote or NYC/ATX-based. Let me know if you hear of anything *wink*.

Otherwise, find me on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Or email me at joanne98xu@gmail.com.