Proud Moment: Field Guide

Words by me
Design by Maddy Tank
Direction by Katie Spies & Maddy Tank

Owning a dog is f*ckin hard. No one tells you this—that between your schedule, their shifting needs, quality time together, and making sure they grow up to be (at the very least) decent, there’s not much time left in the day.

And then there’s their health. Let me tell you: for how little their bodies are, dogs have a whole lot going on underneath. The science is intricate, so their nutrition ought to be too.

The team at Maev works to uncomplicate all of this. To make your dog’s food their easiest and most enriching nutrition possible daily. We feed your dog what they (and the generations of ancestors before) were always designed to eat.

To drive this message home—to really support the best version of a modern dog parent you can be—we arm you with everything you need to know, from the moment you unbox your dog’s best meal.

Meet our Field Guide, included in every first-time box of Maev.

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