Spark Magazine

Issue No. 13: Activate

Fall 2019

In my second term as Editor-In-Chief, I led the magazine’s first rebranding since its inception in 2014. The goal: craft a brand identity that reflects its Gen Z essence, without tarnishing the integrity of its timelessness. And set precedents that are adjustable to Spark’s semesterly-rotating student leadership team.

Up until that point, Spark had operated on the principle of “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” We’d modeled ourselves after greats — Vogue, ManRepeller, Vanity Fair, PAPER, amongst many — and defined our brand within this context. But in Fall 2019, I challenged us to re-visualize Spark Magazine’s identity through our own lens. We are Spark Magazine. We represent the voices of many.

+ new design system
+ updated style guide
+ new photo & art guidelines
+ web and social relaunch
+ internal restructuring



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