Spark Magazine

Issue No. 14: Seeing Spectra

Spring 2020

Of the three issues I released as Editor-In-Chief of Spark Magazine, this one means the most. Issue No. 14: Seeing Spectra came to life amidst the darkest troughs of 2020’s coronavirus crisis. As COVID-19 hit, our 200-student team found themselves suddenly scattered across the States, disoriented by our inability to collaborate in person. Seeing Spectra was pieced together across dozens of at-home screens. It is the wonderful legacy of a collective that refused to let quarantine hinder their passion to create.

As Editor-In-Chief of a “scrappy not crappy” student publication, physically isolated from our on-campus resources, I wore many hats. During our production season, I was a one-woman People & Culture team, Chief Operating Officer, and yes, chief editor of words. Issue No. 14 was the sophomore issue of our recent rebrand, not to mention the only creative outlet still grounding our student team in this “new reality.” Every editorial and design decision — down to the adjective — was meticulously poured over.

The title “Seeing Spectra” is a nod to the unbound; not knowing limitation and therefore finding liberation — and was ironically set in stone long before coronavirus flushed out all of our “knowns.” 

︎︎︎ made the whole thing in quarantine
︎︎︎ virtual production + distrubtion of 200 magazines nationwide so my team could see their hard work in fine print