The Recreationalist

Lead Editor & Writer
May 2020—Feb. 2021

Presented by Outdoor Voices, The Recreationalist is a digital media site that exists to be the Resource for Recreation.

After moving from intern to contractor to full-time, I absorbed The Recreationalist duties into my one-woman copy island. As editor, I curated monthly site and social calendars, wrote most stories, edited others, and spoke to 17K+ social media followers.

︎︎︎ 4.9% social following
︎︎︎ 15K+ monthly page views
︎︎︎ $5K redirected revenue to ov.com
︎︎︎ formalized editorial calendar
︎︎︎ structuralized freelance roster
︎︎︎ standardized + fair rate card

Written & Produced by Me

As a writer, I have a penchant for finding impactful and interesting people before they hit their first 10K.

Find more of my bylines here.

Hike Clerb Is Liberating the Outdoors︎︎︎

Written & Edited by me
Art Direction by Amani Williams

Willie Greene on Full Charge︎︎︎

Written & Edited by me
Art Direction by me

You May Already Be an Intersectional Environmentalist︎︎︎

Written & Edited by me Art Direction by Amani Williams

Edited by Me

As an editor, I curate freelance teams of vibrant, sharp, and diverse wordsmiths, with an unapologetic focus on BIPOC voices. Then I help capture the truest essence of their words and put them in front of as many screens as I can reach.

I’m Processing My Social Anxiety in the Outdoors︎︎︎

Written by Loré Yessuff
Edited by me

Tracing My Movement Lineage Through Blackness︎︎︎

Written by Emma Robinson
Edited by me

Brooklyn’s Parks Saved My Summer︎︎︎

Written by Langston Dillard
Edited by me

The Recreationalist’s City Guides︎︎︎

In Fall 2020, we relaunched this franchise with six new guides to the most Recreational cities in America as a precursor to an OV-side campaign. Each was stuffed to the brim with eats, drinks, trails, and the greenest of park grasses — all personally recommended from some of our favorite Recreationalists.

Words by me
Research and interviews by me
Photo and layout by me
Graphic design by Sarah Kohlbeck

︎︎︎ 30% email click through rate (highest in OV record!)
︎︎︎ 10K page clicks in first 24 hours
︎︎︎ 20K+ social impressions
︎︎︎ 20 contributors + content creators added to the OV network

The Recreationalist’s Playlists︎︎︎

Our bread and butter. Life of the party. Our monthly playlists are curated to evoke niche aesthetics, like the track you’d want playing the moment your nostrils meet the chilled, open, natural air. Or the songs that inspire a spring cleaning marathon. And the floaty tunes that belong on a porch at golden hour with an aperol in hand. Mostly, the only prerequisite is that you move while you groove.

Bop curation by me
Words by me
Cover design by Sarah Kohlbeck, Lizzy Lawrence, and Rey Joaquin