Proud Moment: Field Guide

Words by me
Design by Maddy Tank
Direction by Katie Spies & Maddy Tank

Owning a dog is f*ckin hard. No one tells you this—that between your schedule, their shifting needs, quality time together, and making sure they grow up to be (at the very least) decent, there’s not much time left in the day.

And then there’s their health. Let me tell you: for how little their bodies are, dogs have a whole lot going on underneath. The science is intricate, so their nutrition ought to be too.

The team at Maev works to uncomplicate all of this. To make your dog’s food their easiest and most enriching nutrition possible daily. We feed your dog what they (and the generations of ancestors before) were always designed to eat.

To drive this message home—to really support the best version of a modern dog parent you can be—we arm you with everything you need to know, from the moment you unbox your dog’s best meal.

Meet our Field Guide, included in every first-time box of Maev.

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Outdoor Voices

2022 Dress Category Rebrand

Brand & Creative Messaging Strategy by me
Creative Direction by Matt Owens, Chief Creative Officer

In 2018 with the launch of The Exercise Dress, Outdoor Voices made the dress Recreational.

Three years later, the exercise dress category has taken on a life of its own—and new Recreationalists are inundated with options of every style, function, fit, and price.

With the upcoming launches of seven new styles and a reintroduction to the cult-favorite Exercise Dress, Outdoor Voices was due for a category-wide rebrand.

Services Rendered:
︎︎︎ 360º audit of market & brand insights
︎︎︎ Category positioning & strategic framework
︎︎︎ Category rename, taglines, & messaging 
︎︎︎ The Exercise Dress rebrand messaging
︎︎︎ Individual product positioning & messaging

Editorial Work: The Recreationalist ︎︎︎

Proud Moment: 2020 Virtual Pride

Words by me
Design by Rey Joaquin
Direction by Chris Ralston

In lieu of in-person celebrations, Outdoor Voices crafted a month-long digital experience of 2020 Pride Month, complete with fireside chats, virtual workouts, and dance parties.

The messaging was peppered with pop cultural references and festival language, with subtle nods to brand OV-isms like our core “Playground” value, to give the event series an epic, anthem-like persona.

Email Campaigns

Words by me
Design by Sarah Kohlbeck

Digital Experiences

Words by me
Design by Rey Joaquin


Bumble #InternSzn

Verticals: Date, Bizz, BFF

Objective: Create a four-part event series in New York City that partners with social hubs and influencers to attract Gen-Z summer interns who are longing for like-minded company in an intimidating new city. The events were free, but entry and perks (like free drink tickets) were granted only with proof of profile, so guests were driven back to the app.

Events included:
Bumble Happy Hour Concert at Elsewhere [Brooklyn]
Bumble Bizz Networking at Coffee N’ Clothes [SoHo]
Bumble BFF Wellness Night at Chillhouse [Essex]
Bumble End of Summer Concert at Chelsea Music Hall with JP Saxe, Audrey, and Sophia [Chelsea]

First Movers Club

Vertical: Bizz

Objective: Expand our collegiate reach beyond the Greek community, leveraging student leaders and campus influencers to tell their entrepreneurial stories through Bumble Bizz. Diversity of thought, activity, and cultural background was top of mind here.

Selected go-getters at the University of Texas, Bumble’s hometown university, inaugurated the founding chapter of the First Movers Club and promoted Bumble Bizz as collegiate ambassadors through event, guerilla, and social media marketing.


Coming Soon

As elected Vice President of a 30-person student agency, I led five departments and their respective directors: account services, account planning, media, PR, and creative.

Our H-E-B representative presented with a series of real life challenges the grocer chain was facing with one of their product lines. We were tasked to build a three month campaign that would solve for brand repositioning, customer aquisition, and retention objectives. Utilizing the full force of H-E-B’s digital presence, brick-and-mortar, and experiential strategies, and armed with a hypothetical budget, the team crafted and pitched our integrated campaign to the following H-E-B executives at their new East Austin corporate campus:

    • Cory Basso, Group VP of Advertising
    • Hugo Lizarraga, Buyer 
    • Charles Riva, Owned Brand Manager 
    • Juliana Diez Barroso, Advertising Associate Account Manager
    • Taren Alvarado, Advertising Account Supervisor

Campaign expected to launch as early as 2021. All further details embargoed until then.